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About Dr Martin Gansten

Dr Martin Gansten
Dr Martin Gansten has studied various forms of traditional astrology for more than twenty years. He is also a historian of religion specializing in astrological and divinatory traditions. Martin Gansten received his doctorate from Lund University, Sweden, where he has taught since 1998 and is now Reader (docent).

In addition to his researches into the history and practice of astrology, he is a well-known Sanskritist and scholar of Indic religions whose Swedish translations of the Bhagavadgītā and early Upaniṣads have been very favourably received. His doctoral thesis, Patterns of Destiny: Hindu Nāḍī Astrology, combined these two fields of interest in a study of a South Indian form of astrological divination.

Martin Gansten has published a number of articles on Indian, Greek, Perso-Arabic and European astrology, as well as the highly acclaimed Primary Directions: Astrology’s Old Master Technique (2009). He gives personal consultations in addition to conducting courses, lectures and workshops.

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