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Annual forecast

The annual forecast employs several interlinked techniques, including solar revolutions, to examine your upcoming year of life in detail. As anything that is to happen in a given year is dependent on the birth chart, an annual forecast presupposes that you have already had a natal reading.

Please note that the year covered by the annual forecast is not a calendar year from January to December, but a year of your life, from one birthday to the next. If you are residing and/or spending your birthday away from your place of birth, please indicate where.

The annual forecast focuses on identifying key themes of the upcoming year, but particular attention can also be given to any of the themes mentioned for the natal reading if you so desire:

- health, character and temperament
- finances
- home and family background
- relationships and marriage
- children
- friends
- religion and spirituality
- profession, career and status

The cost of an annual forecast is £100, $155, or SEK 1000.

Annual forecast

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