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Birth time rectification

Where a birth time is known only approximately, within 1–2 hours either way, it is possible to reverse the method of a natal reading and deduce the time of birth from the known events of life. For this purpose we need a list of 10 or more major events, timed at least to the month (preferably the date) of occurrence. The more drastic the event, the more useful it is likely to be in rectification work. Examples of such events are:

- serious illnesses, accidents or surgery
- sudden financial gains or losses
- major increases or decreases in social standing
- deaths of loved ones
- etc.

We also need one or more pictures of you, preferably full-length. You may be asked questions about your health, habits and interests.

Once the birth time has been rectified, it is possible to order a full natal reading. If your time of birth is not known even approximately, or if you are mostly concerned with finding the answer to a particular question or problem, you may consider asking a horary question instead.

TThe cost of a natal reading is £150, $230, or SEK 1500.

Birth time rectification

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