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Horary question

When there is a strong and sincere urge to know the answer to a particular question, this answer may be sought from a chart cast for the time and place at which the astrologer receives the question. No knowledge of one’s birth time is required; rather, the chart is set for the emergence or ‘birth’ of the question itself. Horary charts may concern, but are not limited to, questions which are too specific or minute to be easily judged from a person’s natal chart. Some examples of possible horary questions are:

- Where is my lost bracelet/missing pet?
- Does she love me?
- When can I find a better job?
- Will I have children?
- Should I buy the house?

For the sake of clarity, only one topic should be explored at a time. Thus, while it is acceptable to ask two related questions such as ‘Where is my bracelet, and will I get it back?’, several unrelated questions should not be asked simultaneously. The cost of a horary question is £50, $80, or SEK 500.

Horary question

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