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Natal reading

The natal chart is cast for the exact time and place of your birth, and constitutes an outline of your life as a whole. Among the topics included in a reading are:

- health, character and temperament
- finances
- home and family background
- relationships and marriage
- children
- friends
- religion and spirituality
- profession, career and status

In ordering a reading you are welcome to mention which, if any, of these topics you would wish particularly emphasized. In addition to the general overview, the natal reading typically focuses on the current and upcoming year of life. A number of predictive techniques are employed in the natal reading, including primary directions and annual revolutions.

To obtain a natal reading, you need to know your birth place (city, town or village) as well as the birth year, month, date and time of day or night. Please indicate the source of your birth time: birth certificate, hospital records, family records, etc.

As the accuracy of the reading is entirely dependent on this information, it is important to make sure that it is correct. Optionally, as a means of verifying a recorded time of birth, you may give the dates and details of 3–5 major life events. A picture of yourself, preferably full-length, may also be useful.

The cost of a natal reading is £150, $230, or SEK 1500.

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