Martin Gansten - Traditional astrologer

Sample readings

These are some excerpts from actual readings by Dr Martin Gansten along with client responses. Both readings and replies have been edited for confidentiality, but are otherwise unchanged.

Client response:Thank you. I would say you have discovered who I am better than any other astrologer. And my wife agrees!

Natal reading: [Your natal] type is [...] very physically active and typically loves to be outdoors. [...] The above characteristics would have been particularly visible during your childhood and early adult years. [...] The Moon [...] makes you ‘softer’ and more sensitive than one would typically expect [...] It is likely that Mars signifies success in sports or athletic endeavours.
Client response: I have never felt comfortable within aggressive, masculine places, and yet I was very athletic – playing football, basketball, swimming, tennis and karate – I got my black belt at 15 years old. And then I stopped it all when I was 19.

Natal reading: Music and/or other arts may have played a greater part in your life than in that of the average young man, and I would guess that this aesthetic inclination is what brought you to photography [...]
Client response: Before I became a photographer I had studied fine art and was intent on an artistic career – I chose photography as I thought it was the only artistic job that could possibly bring in an income. I wanted to be a painter or sculptor but couldn’t bear the thought of having no income, as well as carrying the burden of expectations from my parents.

Natal reading: Venus [...] lends an artistic and perhaps a feminine touch to your work.
Client response: This venusian/feminine quality to my work is something that I have struggled with, juggling an artistic sentiment within a [non-artistic workplace] or even a blokey sporting arena.

Natal reading: The square [...] also suggests that you may become embroiled in fruitless or unnecessary conflicts (particularly related to work), or that self-assertive or aggressive action on your part may not yield the desired result. It may also bring frequent anxiety or mental agitation. The way your mind and your emotions work may clash with the hectic and even aggressive demands of your profession or your superiors at the workplace.
Client response: Prior to becoming self-employed I had many unnecessary conflicts with co-workers, or managers. When I was younger it was more me being too loud and obnoxious perhaps, but later I think I was just made into the scape-goat. Fruitless, unnecessary and hurtful are good words to describe my relationship with some co-workers.

Natal reading: We can therefore expect some negative effects, including health problems of a Martian nature: sudden, sharply painful, inflammatory; accompanied by heat, bleeding, redness, and so forth. [...] You should be careful of health problems related to over-indulgence and of anything that might affect the liver or pancreas, including, of course, alcohol.
Client response: Health issues – I have had a number of broken bones over my life – all sporting injuries:  broken nose, broken rib, broken collar bone and knee operations. Also I suffer greatly if I drink more than three glasses of alcohol, it takes me a few days to recover.

Natal reading: Mars will be disposed to give more sons than daughters. The children are likely to have Mars figuring prominently (ruling the ascendant or configured with its ruler, etc) in their own horoscopes, and consequently to display character traits signified by Mars. They will probably be fighters (literally as well as figuratively, at least while growing up), active and boisterous, but also critical, logical and analytical.
Client response: Yes my children are naturally combative and argumentative!  NN is 6, practising karate and tennis and a wonderful arguer – which I hope one day translates into a debater and I think he would be a great lawyer. NN, who is 3 years old, can’t wait to start karate and he will next year. He is the most focused and physical of the two. Mars figures prominently for them both.

Annual reading: The major direction active this year is [...] likely to bring friendship or profitable dealings with people represented by Mars, including military men, police, athletes, surgeons, etc, as well as success in activities signified by Mars: conflicts, contests (particularly athletic ones) and so forth. It is probably relevant, too, that Mars rules your natal fifth house of children.
Client response: Interestingly I am about to start learning karate again later this week. I always felt I would practise it again, and since my eldest son started karate lessons earlier this year it has re-energised my desire to practise.

Natal reading: Growing up, you would have lived to a large extent in a world of your own, with limitations at least partly of your own making, keeping yourself to yourself and relating to your surroundings more as an observer than as a participant. You may have moved a little awkwardly, and preferred indoor to outdoor activities … Saturn … is likely to give health problems … characterized by cold, dryness, and instability. The stomach, spleen, joints and nervous system are particularly vulnerable. Restlessness, insomnia and depression are other possible problems.
Client response: I do suffer from depression on occasion, chronic anxiety etc. You correctly noted this in your analysis. Your observation about my lonely, awkward youth is correct too.

Natal reading: Mercury gives analytic ability as well as a critical mind and a penchant for sarcasm or bluntness of speech which may offend others.
Client response: Yes I am sarcastic and often speak harshly.

Natal reading: Saturn … tends generally to block one’s path in life and create many hurdles and delays … it signifies upsets and delays in your career … Jupiter … signifies a position of honour and a respected profession, particularly in the legal, academical or religious fields … Mercury conjunct the Sun suggests a profession involving writing, reasoning and argumentation.
Client response: I actually have a condition [which] has really hindered my career ... I am an attorney, not successful though ... Yes, changes, obstacles in career – for sure.

Natal reading: Saturn … promises marriage, although not of the most trouble-free kind. There may be a sense of scarcity and dissatisfaction, and a lack of warmth and genuine intimacy.
Client response: My married life (and relationships in general) is very poor.

Natal reading: Mars … signifies much benefit from friends, although the interaction with those friends may tend to be rather heated … Many or most of your friends will tend to be … military men, police officers, athletes or similarly competitive and forceful persons.
Client response: Yes, my good friend is in the military! Another was a body builder! A lot of friction in this area too.

Horary reading: Until recently, Venus has been conjunct Mars in Virgo, where it is debilitated. This indicates an acute or intense state of ill-health particularly affecting your kidneys, bladder and/or sexual organs ... Venus now having entered a sign where it is dignified indicates an excellent prognosis, and in fact shows that recovery has already begun.
Client response: I have actually suffered two bouts of epididymitis [inflammation at the back of the testicles] (which is as painful as it sounds), and have … had treatment with antibiotics to get rid of it.